Jenkins Virtual Solutions

The Design Process

Once we begin working together, here is what to expect when partnering with Jenkins Virtual Solutions.



Setting a Foundation

We will build a visual framework of how the users will interact with your website. Includes:
+ SiteMap
+ Wireframe Blueprints
+ Visitor Journey

(Here is an example of Mapping the Visitor JourneySite Map, and Blueprint we have done.)


Ideas take shape

The fun begins by seeing your new website take shape! Choosing:
+ Imagery
+ Fonts
+ Colors
+ Elements

Everything comes together to create a full website mockup.

(Here is an example of a Mockup we have done.)


Implement the functionalities

Now it is time to put the plan into action by choosing the right tools and software to build your website. Sit back and rest as we work diligently to make your vision a reality. Enjoy proofing the live demo before the website goes live.



Your Site Goes Live

Deploying your brand-new website to a hosting server so you can show it off! In the background, we will test everything to make sure it runs smoothly while also providing helpful tutorials for handling your website in the future.