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Your website is done. You’ve worked out your plan and strategy. Now there are two things left for you to do..

1). Help others find your site on Google.

2). Make sure it loads with lightining speed for your visitors.

Except you’re busy running your business. You’ve likely spent long night after long night finishing your website. And so adding on just a few things to your to-do list just sounds like more work. (It is.)

There are a lot of solutions that promise premium results. By the time you view the tasks needed to succeed, you have realized you do not have the time to accomplish them.

Good news –

Save yourself from wasting time on YouTube trying to figure out how to be listed on the first page of Google or boost your page speed.


You desire the results. It seems like it should work. But which step to take next?

It comes to plugins and page speed tests… Remember, they are only as good as you know how to use them.

But first, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

There is not magic bullet to be found on the first page of Google or to rate 95% on your site’s page speed.

It takes one small task after one small task.

You may be asking…why does page speed even matter?

Because with every 1 second of page load decrease, there is an average of 2% conversion increase.

Updated Website - Jenkins Virtual Solutions

A full site audit will look at…


Learn if your brand and look are consistent throughout your site


Receive a list of practical steps for your website to load faster


Know how your site ranks and how you can improve your SEO

Verify which pages and posts contain errors and learn how to fix them


Delete unused images and stay organized and your site running smoothly


Find out which tools and plugins may be slowing you down and how to fix them

Receive an organized report of what YOU can do to rank higher on search engines and increase your page speed score.


Increase your page speed and see results

Page Speed Mock up 1
Page Speed mock up 2
If you’ve ever wanted to clean up your site and keep it running smoothly, then check out all that is included with a full site audit…

This report shows you the best way to optimize your site. Not only do you get a detailed audit, but you’ll also discover how to make your site faster.

This report also includes:

  • List of 404 and redirect errors and how to fix them
  • Missing heading tags to tell the search engines what content is on your pages
  • Verify your site is abiding by standard privacy policy and consent practices
  • List of which pages and posts may be missing meta descriptions
  • Learn if your pages load well on all devices
  • Make sure you site is easily accessible for those with disabilities

Price varies depending on the size of your site.