Project Goal # 1
Easy navigation and scannability
Project Goal # 2
Maintain SEO rankings in creating a new design
Project Goal # 3
Ensure the site was screen responsive and searchable on tablets and mobile
Project Goal # 4
Attract new clients by reflecting the quality service and product through copy and imagery
Project Goal # 5
New Logo with Style Guide and Branding Kit

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EasyREG was founded for the purpose of providing affordable online registration solutions for churches, non-profits, and small businesses. Since the mid-1990’s, the owner has provided high-quality services to his clients, creating an easy and seamless way to manage small or large group registrations. Much of his focus has been serving his customers, but now it was time for a website facelift after 25+ years! With the desire to attract new clients and better present his product, we collaborated in designing a solution that work for his business needs.


Jim Birkenstock
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"I have been looking for someone to redo my site for a few years. I wanted to find someone who would be as invested in telling the story of my company as much as I was. Erin went above my already high expectations. She was professional, insightful and very talented at modernizing my website. If you want someone who will invest alongside your company look no further. I told her I would say this in my review … whatever her quoted price is it should be 50% higher and whatever time you think it will take to build your new site, double it. Doing things right takes time and Erin put in the time to make it right. I highly recommend Jenkins Virtual Solutions!"