Project Goal # 1
Spotlight and present art collection online
Project Goal # 2
Art collection available for purchase
Project Goal # 3
Manage purchase and shipping through an organized platform
Project Goal # 4
Create a simple and clean design to represent the Artist's personality and style

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Cindy Ann Reed

Cindy Ann Reed is a gifted artist who specializes in live-edge drawings, paints and art installations. With the growing request to view and purchase from her personal collection, she desired to have a user-friendly platform to spotlight and sell her work. After working with Cindy to create a website brand that reflected her style and personality, we launch her online collection, which also integrates with easy-to-use shipping software and Paypal payment system.


Cindy Ann Reed
Artist, Poet
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I am very pleased with the end results of my website! What really sticks out for me with JVS is their availability and commitment to making sure that I understand all the tools available to me and how to use them. The response time from JVS is also exceptional. I appreciate that I can feel confident that all things concerned with my site are kept up to date.